My alone time! It works for us.

Morning of Sunday, January 12.

As I sit here in my living area in my 5th wheel, sipping my cup of green tea, I am thankful for my alone time.  You might ask how in the heck can I have alone time when I live in a 400 square foot RV with a husband and three puppies.  Hubby likes to sleep in.  I am up at the crack of dawn.  Hubby rolls out of bed around 9 am.  That is a little over two and a half hours.  At 8 pm sharp, hubby retires to the bedroom to watch TV.  We do not watch the same programs on TV in the evenings.  I go to bed around 11 pm.  This works great for us because again, I have my alone time for a good three hours.

We’ve been on the road for 51 days already and it is working great.  It sure does help when I talk to family back home and they give me daily weather updates and here I am in Florida, taking daily walks and putting on the air conditioning during the day.

I feel like Florida has four seasons all in one day.  We turn on the furnace in the morning to get the chill off.  Sometimes we have the furnace on all night when temps at night dip down to the low 40s.  Around 10 am we start to get “hot” so we turn off the furnace.  Around 11 am, it is time to open the doors and windows.  Around 1 pm, we need to turn on the air conditioning.  Around 4 pm we turn off the air and the windows get opened again.  It really seems like the sun is hotter in Florida.  When the sun goes down, you feel the chill.  So around 7 pm, the windows get closed. And it starts all over again.

What’s next for us?  In a few short days, we will pack up and head to Jennifer’s house in North Carolina where we will unload the GoldWing/Sidecar.  It will be nice to increase our living area with 13 additional feet.  It will be nice to see the NC family.  Jason and his family will come to Jennifer’s house on Sunday to visit.

The few days we will be visiting Jennifer, we will be hooked up to water and electricity.  Our gray and black tanks will be closed, which will be fine because we will only be there for a few days and the tanks are large enough

This morning, we are getting our pups groomed using a mobile groomer.  She will be here at 9 am.  Pictures to come later today.





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