Grand Design Momentum 397TH – My Review (so far)

A little longer than one month in the 5th wheel, I am happy.

The OneControl system controls everything in the 5th Wheel.  I’m not going to get into everything this system does but it is awesome.  There are manual overrides in the event this system should go down.  I like manual overrides.


There’s an app for that.  I’m all about technology and I love sitting on the couch or laying in bed and being able to control the whole 5th wheel.  Last night I was in bed and hubby said it’s a little chilly in here.  I opened the app, connected to the heating system and raised the temperature on our heating system.  I can even do this without my glasses on.


I love my king size bed.  Sure the mattress was horrible but we bought a foam mattress topper and now our king size bed is perfect.  There is enough room for all 5 of us to sleep comfortably.  I’m so glad we upgraded from a Queen size bed to a King.  IMG_0532

The bedroom closet is large.  Room enough for everything we have.  There is also storage under the bed.

The TV in the bedroom is small but so is the area where it is attached to the wall.  There is only one HDMI connection.  This TV will be eventually replaced with a smart TV.  I believe we can go a little bigger too.

We did opt for the washer/dryer in lieu of the storage closet.  I love, love, love my washer dryer.  I wash a load of clothes each day.  The loads have to be small so I wash more loads.


I LOVE MY SHOWER.  Who said showers in the RV are horrible.  I have plenty of hot water and I take as much time in the shower as I did in the sticks and bricks home.  The shower is roomy.    There is plenty of cupboard and cabinet space for everything from towels to medicine to cleaning products in the bathroom.  I can clean this small bathroom in minutes.

Kitchen/Living room.  I like my stove and microwave.  I have not used the oven yet or the convection option for the microwave yet.  The oven makes a good bread box.  I bought a toaster oven that I use a lot.  I’m sure I will eventually use the RV oven but I don’t have a need for it yet.  The refrigerator has been a problem but I won’t get into that here.  We bought a small dorm size regular refrigerator as a backup.  It fits perfectly under the kitchen table.  The sink is just the right size for us and counter space is ok.  Most of our counter space is taken up by junk so if I organized and threw away the junk, I would have an abundance of counter space.

I have my office in the kitchen.  My desktop computer, printer, and monitor.  The kitchen table sits four people.  Two of our chairs are in storage.  Removing two of the kitchen chairs enables me to put my office in the corner and a storage container on hubby’s side.

The living room side of the Kitchen/Living room is small but comfortable.  The TV is large and it is clearly one of the cheaper models.  The fake fireplace under the TV is very nice and we use it to take the chill off of the living room.  It is also just nice to look at.  It can be controlled by a remote controller or buttons on the top of the unit.

There are plenty of receptacles so I can have everything I need to be plugged in.  Cell phone chargers, laptop chargers, toaster oven, FaceBook Portal, Internet Hubs, etc.

The second bathroom is in the garage.  To be honest with you, we will not use the toilet in that bathroom to poo.  That small bathroom is perfect for me to use as my dressing room.  I have my hairdryer, curling/straightening irons, makeup and all of my hair products in that room.

Right now, the garage has the GoldWing/Sidecar in it.  See prior posts to see what we are doing with this sore subject.  Soon we will use the garage as more living area.  There is a TV in the garage we have not used yet.  We also have not used the back deck as of yet.  Stay tuned for more.

The puppies are very happy here.  We are very happy here.



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