Wekive Falls RV Resort Review

When we check out of the Wekiva Falls RV resort on January 15th, we will have been here for 6 weeks.    Since this is the first long term RV park we’ve stayed at, I do not have anything to compare it to.

  1.  Let me tell you about the office and reservation staff.  Everyone we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with has been exceptional.  The office staff is knowledgeable and will go out of their way to help you.
  2. They have a camp store called the Mastodon Market.  They supply the necessities.  The staff at the store is very friendly.  All mail and packages are delivered to the store.  There is no charge for receiving packages or mail.   When we found out how easy it is to get packages at the camp store, I felt comfortable receiving packages from Amazon or getting packages from family at home.
  3. All new arrivals are guided to their site by guides riding in golf carts. They take you to your site and direct you into your space.  Ed was our guide and he was so helpful.  The sites are all grass and some of the sites get quite muddy, but our site was nice and dry.  The sites are “ok” in size.  Our initial site was a site between two campers.  We actually had to move sites after a few weeks because we extended our stay and our initial site was not available for the time period we extended to.  (Ed helped again).  The site we moved to was an end site on a corner and very spacious.  We are glad we moved because our new site is much nicer. It’s a corner site, large and spacious.IMG_0617
  4. This park is pet-friendly.  They do have a three-dog limit which was fine with us because we only have three pets.  The lanes that wind around the sites are paved so it is very nice for walking the pets.  We still have not walked the whole park. pup walk
  5. There is a huge lagoon with a fountain.  I read somewhere online that the water is mineral spring water temp is 72 degrees.  The water does smell like rotten eggs but it is just the sulfur in the water.  The smell bothers the hubby but not me.  The stream that leads to the lagoon is slow-moving and nice to look at.  A  little red walking bridge takes across the stream. long
  6. There is a pool and it is supposed to be heated in the winter but I have not been in the pool.  My opinion the pool is small for the number of campers
  7. Lots of full-time residents.  Some people live here all year round in either Park Model Homes or in their campers.
  8. I think they keep the park rather neat and clean.  Garbage bins are in an area near the office.  The grass and lawns are kept nice.  The sites are grass so when it rains, some sites get very muddy.
  9. There is a tiki restaurant that has limited hours in the winter.  IMG_0558 2
  10. Golf Carts and the 9 miles per hour speed limit.  I like the speed limit and wish everyone would obey it.  The Golf Carts are at times a little annoying.  Whipping around corners, driving like they are on a racecourse.  I guess if I lived here full time, I would have one too.  Easier to get in your golf cart to go to the camp store or swimming pool then firing up the big truck.
  11. Lots of activities.  There is a Calendar of Events.  They have a full calendar of things to do.  We should take more advantage of these events but we do not.  Yes, you can call us “Party Poopers”.

Would we stay here again:  You betcha!


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