Christmas in Florida.


I’m spending my first Christmas away from my sister and nieces.  The parties and festivities going on without me.  Opening presents a thousand miles from Hermitage.  The only thing that I really miss by living my “dream” is my sister and nieces can’t be with me, especially during the holidays.

Since Roy and I could not be at Chelsea’s for the Christmas present opening and white elephant party, we did the next best thing.  We FaceBook portaled and opened our presents from over a thousand miles apart.

The first present I opened was from my sister and it was not really a Christmas present.  But she came through loud and clear.


Facebook Portal is pretty cool because I could see their whole living room and everyone in it.  They could see all of us through the portal.

We pulled names for gifts and Larry got my name.  But I know my sister picked out my gift.  This is so cool.  It is a personalized doormat.  And I love it.

portal 3_Fotor

Chelsea bought for Roy and Roy’s gift is perfect.  We can’t wait to use it.  Many of the RV parks now days do not allow real fires so this is perfect for us to sit outside and enjoy sitting by this firepit.  We didn’t take it out of the box yet so pictures will come at a later date when we are using it.


So Merry Christmas everyone from me, Roy, BooBoo, Bella, and Benji.

Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 6.00.37 PM.png


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