We can’t get it out!

We got it in.  We can’t get it out!  We tried again today.  The only option we have is to sell it.  If it is this much trouble, we can’t be going through this each time we move to a new RV Park.  Gonna have to sell it.  What choice do we have?


Today was a moving day.  Because we extended our stay at this park and our initial site was reserved by someone else on Jan 1, we needed to move to another site. We really like our new site.  It is a corner site.  We have the road in front of us and the road to the left with plenty of lawn between us and the road.  We are right around the corner from our old site so we are still close to the friends we made. Since we had to hitch up in order to move, we thought we would make a second attempt to take the Wing/sidecar out.  It was not good.

The day ended with a walk with the pups watching and a decorated Golf Cart parade from our picnic table.  Palm trees at Christmas.  Just doesn’t seem right.




2 thoughts on “We can’t get it out!

    1. Unfortunately, it is not that easy It is connected by hydraulic lines, intercom cables and 6 stabilizer/connection bars. Heavy-duty plates are welded on the bike to hold these stabilizer bars. I wish it were that easy. lol. We will be fine. We have a plan. We just can’t use it. But the way we are seeing people drive in Florida, I don’t think I want to be in the sidecar with the pups anyway.


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