Moving to a new site tomorrow! LaMesa, Publix, & a Walkie!

We are relocating to a new site tomorrow.  Since we extended our stay for an additional 2 weeks, and our current site is reserved by someone else on Jan 1, we need to move to a new site.  Instead of making this “move” during the holidays, we asked if we can move early.  Tomorrow, we will be moving to a corner lot.  On this new site, we will have one neighbor on the backside of our site and one to the right of us.

And we won’t have to look at Mr. Grouchy anymore.  Yes, we have a grumpy old man living in an RV next to us.  We just ignore him and we would never call him Mr. Grouch to his face.  Mr. Grouch is something the hubby and I just use to reference him when we are talking about him.  His son comes to visit him often and they argue very loud.  Again, we just ignore them.

This new site’s electrical water and cable box is further away.  We have plenty of water hose.  We have plenty of cable hose.  We do not have a long enough 50 AMP electric cord so off to the RV store we go.

LaMesa RV is a huge RV store.  Although there are rows and rows of motorhomes, 5th wheels, travel trailers, etc, their Retail/Parts store is lacking.  But they had what we needed.  We bought a 25 ft, 50 AMP electric cord.

On the way back to our RV park, we stopped at the grocery store.  Publix.  This grocery store puts Giant Eagle in Pennsylvania to shame.  Publix is fully staffed.  No self-checkout.  Packers at every register and I was even asked if I need help to the truck.  Very clean and organized.  I saw sale signs everywhere and I kept thinking I am not going to have one of those stupid rewards cards so when I get to the register, I will tell them I am from out of town and ask if they have a curtesy card they can scan for me so I get the great deals.   They quit using the rewards/club cards 17 years ago.  Everyone gets the sale price.  Well, hallelujah.


We ended our busy day with a walk.  BooBoo and I take a walk every morning, just the two of us.  Then around noon, we all go for a walk.  Later in the day, we all take our final walk of the day.  Each walk usually will last around a half-hour.  Today, Benji was just plain bad.  A royal pain in the butt with his barking.  He barked at people.  He barked at other dogs.  He barked at the squirrels and birds.  When we passed a person, dog, squirrel or bird, Roy had to pick Benji up and carry him.  Is there a full moon.  The pups have been acting strangely this week.




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