Bah Humbug, Are we Scrooges?

We do not have Christmas decorations on display in our tiny lawn here at the RV resort.  No Christmas lights hang from the awnings of our 5th wheel.  No Christmas tree adorning the living area of our home on wheels.  No wreath on our door or mistletoe hung over the bed.   Would Santa just ignore us on Christmas Eve?

There are a lot of park models and many of the RVer’s in this park live here for 6 months to a year and some even live here permanently.  These people have storage sheds where they can store their Christmas decorations.  Their lawns display red and green lights, blow-up Santa Clauses and raindeers, brightly decorated Christmas trees sit in the front of their campers and park model homes and styrofoam candy canes line their walkways.

We are here for 6 short weeks. We do not have a shed to store anything and we do not have room in our 5th wheel for a Christmas tree.  We are not scrooge’s per se., but just people that have no choice.  Some of my friends (yes, you JoAnn) would say, yeah Linda is a Scrooge.  Hi JoAnn.

As we spend our first Christmas in an RV Park in Florida, we will enjoy our neighbor’s decorations.  The RV Park has a calendar full of Christmas activities.  There will be a decorated golf cart parade on the 21st which I think will be entertaining in a goofy way.  There is Cookie Baking at 10 am on the 20th.  I think I will pass.  There will be a showing of the Nutcracker on the evening of the 20th, pass.  On Christmas Eve there is a potluck lunch at 1 pm, pass, pass, pass.

Maybe I am a scrooge.


Neighbor’s Decorated Campers




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