What do you do if you are on the road and one of you has a medical emergency?

Here is what I did.

First, know where you are.  Know your address.  This won’t help if you are alone, the medical emergency is your own, and cannot communicate to the 911 operator.  I knew our address mainly because I entered it several times when shopping online. I did not know the county we were in so that is important also.  If it were me with the medical emergency, would Roy have known the address?  Going forward, I will put our address of each of our locations both in his wallet and on the counter where it is easily accessible.

Have both the UBER and Lyft app on your phone.  In my case, I had to stay behind to secure our puppies so they could be alone for a few hours.  I would drive myself to the hospital.  Heck, I didn’t even know if I would be permitted to ride in the ambulance with hubby if I wanted to.  The hospital was 35 minutes away in Orlando FL.  It was dark and there was a lot of construction on the road.  I was not driving the big, big truck.   As a matter of fact, I have not yet driven the big truck. Would my first time driving the big truck be under these circumstances?  I think not.

Before the ambulance leaves, get detailed information on what hospital they are taking your loved one.  You will have to enter the address into your app for both UBER and Lyft.  UBER didn’t have a driver available at that time of the morning but Lyft did.  I summoned a Lyft ride.  If you can drive yourself, you will need it for your GPS.

We had a medical emergency this morning.  Roy will be fine, praise the Lord. He has Pneunomia but hopefully will be released tomorrow.  It will be another UBER/Lyft ride because I am still not ready to drive the big truck in an unfamiliar city.




3 thoughts on “What do you do if you are on the road and one of you has a medical emergency?

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