They love their new lifestyle! Every day is a new adventure.

BooBoo, Bella, and Benji adapted well to their new lifestyle.  I always said they will be fine as long as they are with us.  They adapted well to riding long distances in the truck and living in their new home on the road.  Since July, when they left their home in Volant, they lived in a rented camper, the three-bedroom trailer and now their home in the 5th wheel.  Not once did they act afraid or timid about their new surroundings.  Of course, we don’t leave them alone until we feel they are very comfortable with their surroundings.   Their favorite place is the couch.


Hubby and I don’t leave them alone yet so we take turns leaving the 5er for things like getting our packages from the camp store.  Today I went to the store and the three pups watched me walk out the door of the 5er.

my three

They love looking out the windows.  There is always something exciting outside.


Most of all, they love going for walks.  Each day we walk a little further.  We feared we would have problems with Benji because when we walked with Benji before we began our adventure, Benji would bark at everything.  We knew there would be a lot more activity with people walking their pets in the campgrounds.  Back before we headed out on our adventure, Benji would bark at anything that moved, people, other dogs, squirrels, and cars.  When we go for our walks now, all three are so well behaved.

BooBoo struts down the paved road and walks on the leash like he is proud of himself.  Benji and Bella walk with the hubby.  They are learning to walk on a leash and each day it gets better.


The long walks tire them out.  After each wall. Bella flops on the floor and takes a nap.



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