Archie Bunker’s favorite chair

The hubby has a favorite chair.

This chair was leather and fully remote.  One button reclines the chair, one-button adjusts the headrest and one button returns it to sitting position.   It even has USB connections for charging your cell phone.  This chair was more than just a chair. It was a chair fit for a King.

Our plan when spending a month at the same campground was to use the garage as a living area.  We would remove our Goldwing/Sidecar and set up the leather reclining remote chair.  We have a TV in the garage so hubby and the three puppies would be very comfortable watching TV.  Therefore, I was onboard when hubby said he could take the chair apart into two sections and it would fit the chair in the garage for transport.  I was a little skeptical when he put the one section of the chair on top of the sidecar.  It was hubby’s favorite chair and I said okay.

We “lugged” this chair from PA to FL and it was a disaster.  It was too heavy and when we hit a bump in the road, the chair slid.  One time it slid into the garage window and ripped the screen.  OH NO!  What have we done?  We are learning the hard way.

NOTE:  The roads coming from PA to FL were HORRIBLE.  Roads were better the further south we got but traffic got worse.

This chair turned into a nightmare and now we had to get rid of it.  It is a thorn in my hubby’s side.  I offered to let him keep it for the month of December.  We would be stationary and when we were ready to leave, we could have disposed of it then.  He wants it gone.  He does not even want to look at it.  So we are paying to have someone pick it up and I guess trash it.


IMG_0322             IMG_0323



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