Our Journey Continues! DAY 5

Today (Wednesday, November 27) is the day before Thanksgiving.  As usual, I am up early.  It is raining this morning and today is supposed to be a severe weather day so I am glad we extended our stay at Mayberry Campground until tomorrow morning.

Today is going to be boring and a workday.  We desperately need to clean out and organize the storage compartment in the basement of this rig.  We have to connect to the sewer.  We will hook up this evening so we can get an early start tomorrow morning.  Hopefully, the roads will be somewhat traffic-free tomorrow.  Most people should already be where they need to be so they can eat their turkey dinner.

I’m totally amazed at how well our pups are doing with the transition. I always said they are fine as long as they are with us. They adjust well. They love going for walkies. They get so excited when we show them their harnesses. They ride in the truck better than I ever imagined they would. Look what they get to ride in. I wish my seat was this comfortable.  We got carpeted puppy steps so they can get on the bed.  BooBoo and Benji are very comfortable using the steps, but Bella, well, that is another story.  We need to work on her getting up the stairs.  Everyone, please pray that hubby does not trip over these steps when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.



Benji loves cuddling in the unmade bed while BooBoo watches the other campers and Bella relaxes. Bella is a TV watcher.


Hubby relaxing watching TV with the pups while I sit at the home office writing my blog.  Today is crappy out so we are inside watching YouTube videos.

The 5th wheel is perfect. I’m so glad we transitioned from our sticks and bricks home, into the trailer before moving into the 5th wheel.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. What am I thankful for:

1. A loving husband that made it possible for me to live my dream

2. A loving family back home that would do anything for me.

3. The three puppies that love me unconditionally

4. The opportunity to live my dream.

5. I’m thankful for great friends

6.  Thankful that I can see the United States of America, land of the free.  I want to thank all of our servicemen/women and veterans that sacrificed so much so that I can live my dream.






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