Our Journey Continues! DAY 2, 3 & 4 (24, 25, and 26)

Sunday morning (11/24) around 11 am has us leaving Flatwoods Campground and heading towards Mount Airy.  Our route took us through frosty and snow covered mountains.   Wait, are we still in PA?  Well, not too far out of PA,   We were leaving Sutton West Virginia.

We had a “first “in the 5th Wheel.  We drove through two very long tunnels.


After a gas stop and several other stops, we finally made it to Mayberry Campground.  Travel days are very tiring so we went to bed very early.


Monday (November 25) was for some reason a busy day.  I thought this new life was supposed to be filled with relaxing days.  We keep telling ourselves that when we get to Florida and we settle into our month stay we will have plenty of time to relax.  While I was busy putting things away and organizing in the 5th wheel, Roy took BooBoo and Bella out for a walk.  Benji fussed the whole time and waited at the door for them to return.  I said, “Benji, you will get your turn”.  And he did.  Roy returned and took Benji for a walk.  We needed a few items at the store so we found a Super Walmart.  We are not ready to leave the pups alone in the 5th wheel and we would never leave them alone in the truck so Roy stayed in the truck while I went into Walmart alone to shop.

For those of you who don’t know us, we decided long ago that we are not the type of fur parents that stand outside in the rain or cold, day or night waiting for our pups to do their business.  We made an indoor bathroom for them.  This bathroom is in the 5th wheel garage.  BooBoo deciding he didn’t want to pee or poo jumped out of the back of the puppy bathroom and got stuck.  I said, “watcha gonna do now boey?”


It was another early to bed day.  We were tired.  Usually, I stay up until 10:30 or 11:00 pm but I was tired.  Tomorrow would be another day.

Tuesday, (November 26) started out with breakfast for hubby and a quick walk with the puppies.  After our walk, we put the puppies in the truck and decided to tour Mount Airy.  Although we didn’t get to see Andy, Barney, Opie or Aunt Bee, we did drive the streets of Old Historic Mount Airy.


I took a quick walk through the Mill Creek General Store and picked up a few items.


After another stop at Super Walmart to pick up a few things I forgot to get yesterday, we went back to our camp and took another walk with the pups.  Tonight, I will stay up later as I am not tired.  This campground has cable and after talking to another camper about the bad reception I was getting with cable, they reminded me, there was a button on the wall behind the TV that needed to be released.  Just like that, our picture came in crystal clear.




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