Accessorize the Truck, Puppy Seat/Beds, Loading up!

We got our truck, now we needed to accessorize.  We needed a hitch. We decided on the Companion HItch.  We needed a toolbox and a Tonneau Cover.  We needed mud flaps and we splurged and got airbags.  Valley Truck Outfitters was a one-stop shop where we got it all.  They installed everything for us.  We are good to go.

IMG_0087 2    img_0123.jpg

We were watching a video by Changing Lanes the other day and their dog Daisy was sitting in this very cute doggie car seat/bed.  Tara from Changing Lanes sent me the link to the Amazon store and we bought three of them.  They were pricy but very much worth it.  Just like a baby car seat, they have to be secured to the seat.


I think they love their new car seats/beds.  Bella is already curled up and sleeping.


We head out tomorrow for our adventure so we decided to hitch up tonight.  Have a few more things to load up, put the slides in and head out.



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