We Got a BIG TRUCK, finally!

Well, it’s not the 2020 GMC 3500 HD but it is the second-best thing.  If anyone wants to buy a truck, you need to go to Sarchione Chevrolet and ask for Sean.  Because of GMC pretty much screwing us with our order for our 2020 GMC 3500 HD, we were running out of time.

We always heard about Sarchione Chevrolet from a family member and advertisements on TV so we called and asked for a sales rep.  This dealership is huge.  They have something like 10 Corvettes on the lot and a ton of trucks.

We asked for a sales rep and Sean answered the phone.  They did not have a One Ton Dually Diesel 4×4 on the lot so Sean went to work.  Sean went above and beyond and found us a BIG truck.  And what a beauty this truck is.  It will look super nice pulling our 5th Wheel.


BUT!!!!  As our luck would have it, we took it for a test drive, did all of the paperwork, learned about all of the bells and whistles and out of the parking lot we went.  We were 7 miles from the dealership and WAM, we hit a small bump, and an alert came on the truck, the truck lost power and we panicked.  What the Heck.

We immediately turned around and headed back to the dealership.  They made us a top priority and told us to go across the street to a restaurant and get something to eat on their dime.  We had pizza, went back to the dealership and the truck was ready to go.  It was a strange fluke.  The computer needed to reset and we were on our way.

I’m not a big believer in warranties but we got a bumper to bumper extended warranty for 7/75 warranty at what I feel is an excellent price.

We love our new truck and all of the bells and whistles.  Thanks to Sean for finding us a truck.  Thanks for the complementary Chevy ball cap for Roy and a really cool sweatshirt for me.



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