How did I have time to work before retirement??? Update

So much is happening, has happened and will happen.  How did I ever have time to work?

Today, I had an 8 am appointment.  I’m going to physical therapy at Ohio Sports and Sping.  My niece Lindsay is a PTA there and it is helping.  Today is the best I’ve felt in such a long time.  I’ve got a few short weeks to feel 100% better.  If you are wondering why keep reading.

We have a truck.  Not the truck we want, but the second-best truck. Hubby is a Chevy guy.  It’s a 2019 Chevy 1 ton, dually, crew cab, Duramax Silverado High Country, 4×4.  The color is pearl white.  It will look nice pulling our 5th wheel and we can get it on Wednesday.  The 5th wheel has white in the paint scheme so a pearl white truck will look awesome.


In a few short weeks, we can hit the road and make our deadline. We can be in Florida and make our December 1 reservation at Wekiva Springs RV Resort.

This past weekend was horrible.  Hubby got sick.  He ended up in the ER on Sunday morning and spent 8 hours there.  Except for me running home to take care of the puppies a few times, I was there with him.  Nothing major and really don’t know what was wrong.  Could have been food poisoning or maybe some type of virus.  He was dehydrated so they gave him fluids by IV.  For years I’ve been trying to get hubby to eat healthily.  He was so sick and so grateful that I was by his side that he finally said he will listen to me.  No more hamburgers and hotdogs.  Mostly plant-based with.  He can have chicken a few nights a week.  No more crap.  And only one Mountain Dew a day.  He said “OKAY”.

I’m slowly taking out stuff out to the 5th wheel.  It’s starting to look like home.  Amazon, my friend, delivers here daily.  The mailman asked if we plan on getting packages daily.  Hey Mr. Mailman, just do your job.  Deliver my Amazon packages.

I’m not done with General Motors Corporation.  I’m preparing my documentation for my complaint to the BBB and Attorney General’s Office.



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