It is so big.


For my husband, my three pups and me, there is no turning back.  Our new home is here.  We are prepared.  It’s strange, I do not have any second thoughts.  I’m mentally prepared for this new lifestyle.  I’m excited.  We are excited.

In reflecting back, I’ve had this dream for the past 15 years.  My dream was to sell everything. buy our dream RV (pictured above) and travel throughout the United States.  As I climbed the corporate ladder in my job during the past 15 years, it became harder and harder to retire and live this dream.  You see, I loved my job at the bank.  It was a good job.  It was more than a job, it was a career.  I had a good boss, I managed a great staff and I made my own schedule.  I traveled a lot but it was when I wanted to travel.  I was good at my job.  I retired as a Vice President.  I’ve been retired for 6 months now.  There are still times on a Sunday where I will get a strange feeling until my mind reminds me that I do not have to go to work tomorrow.

Although my husband said he wanted to travel too, he was not as enthused as I was about it.  It wasn’t his 15-year dream.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I felt he was truly onboard.  For the first 10 of those 15 years, he would tell all of our friends and his family about our dream. Except for a few years, we attended numerous RV shows.  Each year we changed our minds.  Was our coach going to be a class A or a 5th wheel?  As each year went by and all we did was talk, none of them really believed we would be ever living out our dream?  I didn’t think we would ever be living our dream because although he put on a good poker face, I knew he was apprehensive.  Each year that went by and the years went by very fast, I too started to think it was never going to happen.  Heck, we were comfortable.  We were content.  Roy retired very early.  He was comfortable at home and I was content going to work.

I don’t know when it happened but one day I thought to myself, it was time.  I was close to turning retirement age, I decided it was time to get out.  I gave my boss 7 months notice that I was finally retiring.  My dream was closer to coming true.  My dream is right around the corner so close I can taste it.

I retired and things started to fall into place.  It was happening.  It was finally happening.

To all of those that were skeptical in the past 15 years, all with good reason, the time is here.   A whole new world is at my fingertips.




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