Finally the Good News We’ve Been Waiting For!

Background Info:  We ordered our Grand Design Momentum 397TH on July 18th.  It’s been a long time coming but we are getting closer.  We had initially thought we would have it by now.  We actually had an appointment on October 11 to o our walkthrough. That appointment was canceled.  But guess what:


This is the text message I got from Emily.  Emily is the social media guru at Grand Design.  She has helped me in the past.

Hi Linda. I am hearing from the sales rep that the unit was brought back to us this week. It will go through final paint prep, get all the little things added and then run through another PDI. Then it should ship out still this week! Please remember we have no control over it once it leaves our facility. If anything happens during transportation, we would be notified, as well as your dealer. Once it arrives at your dealer, they should be doing a PDI and then you should have delivery!!

I do not know what final paint prep is and I do not know what the little things are that need to be added but I am happy that “FINALLY” our 5th wheel is closer to delivery time.

My sales rep Greg emailed me the following:

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 9.34.37 PM

I’m thinking of October 24th or 25th for the walkthrough.  Then because we do not have our Big Big truck yet, General RV will have to deliver it to our home.  Hopefully the following week.  Maybe we will have it by Nov 1.



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