Update, I can’t believe this! Is this report even mine?

This is totally not believable.  I’m a little upset.  I met with Dr. Joe today and Lindsay.


As Dr. Joe, Lindsay and I were reading my test results, the detailed report shows my gallbladder appears normal. Unless it is preserved in a glass jar somewhere at the hospital, I don’t know how the person reading my scan saw it was normal because I had it removed back in 2004. It also said my kidneys appear normal. The person reading my scans must not know I was only born with one kidney.

Dr joe wants me to call my family doctor and tell him to have the hospital re-read my scans but I’m even wondering if they are mine. I will keep you posted.

Dr. Joe said to rest for a few days until it is verified that the detailed report for the CT Scan is indeed mine.  And if it is mine, I’m requesting more details on the areas I am having pain in.  If it is mine, I want the report amended to show the correct information,


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