Woe is me!


As most people know, we sold our home and moved into the trailer my sister and I own.  The months of June and July were spent moving heavy boxes and containers of clothes, house goods, tools, and everything that needed to be moved out of the house and into the trailer.  Moving all of these heave boxes put a big strain on my back.  I was in PAIN!

I’ve been struggling with this pain in my lower back and hips for probably 2 months.  I had x-rays and am still currently going to physical therapy.  The bank pain was better but the hip and groin area were still painful.  Sister said I was walking like I had a stick up my Vajayjay.  Wanting to rule out a medical or female issue, I went to my family doctor who ordered a CT Scan.

Today, at UPMC I got a CT Scan.  Because they were wanting to rule out medical, the CT Scan we preformed to show any medical issues.  For this scan I was asked to drink a special liquid called an “oral contrast” one hour before my test.  It was mixed with a raspberry flavor.  I had to drink two large cups of this stuff.

I was also hooked up to an IV so a contrast dye could flow through my veins.  I wonder if I will glow in the dark tonight!


I had a raspberry-colored tongue.












I have a fractured hip.  I do not have any more info so stay tuned for updates as I get them.

Will this delay our heading to Florida for the winter?




5 thoughts on “Woe is me!

  1. imcrabneck3@cox.net

    Does Gerri think you will have to have surgery?  Please be careful from now so you don’t do more damageSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  2. Deb Biblis Schwartz

    So sorry to hear about your hip. Lousy way to kick off your first year of retirement. Hoping you heal quickly and can get to Florida and enjoy retirement. Love it here.

    Liked by 1 person

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