What is going on people!


Well, we waited this long, what is another few weeks.  Got a call from our sales rep Greg O this morning.  Greg is my sales rep at General RV Center.  My heart sank as I listened to him talk.  He had some bad news.  My first impulse was to hang up the phone.  I did not want to hear bad news.  I didn’t hang up the phone and I listened while he told me the not so good news.

Our Grand Design Momentum 397TH did roll off the assembly line on September 30 as planned.  Well, nothing bad about that.  He said we were all set and we had October 11 scheduled for the demo/walk though.  Then began the apology.  Sure the 5er was built but the misunderstanding was the 5er still has to go to the paint bay for the full body paint.  October 11 is now canceled and we have to wait another few weeks for the Full Body Paint.  Greg O was very professional and said he hoped this would not be an issue for us.  Since there is no alternative, it is what it is.

I told Greg O, our anticipation was at an all-time high and we were so excited to see the 5er on October 11, but it was not an “issue”.  I was just deflated.  He assured me we are now a top priority and I asked for him to keep us posted as to when he hears anything.

So as it stands right now, NO TRUCK and NO RV and the clock is ticking.  Stay tuned for updates as they happen.  We are priority 1 for the Truck and now we are a top priority for the 5th Wheel.


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