My TV Choice, yes, we watch TV

Unfortunately, we are TV people.  People will say things like "don't sit inside, go outside and do fun things" or "why spend your time watching tv when you are traveling".  Remember people, our 5th Wheel will be our home.  We still want to watch our shows and hubby still wants to watch his sports.  When …

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Today, we took BooBoo, Bella, and Benji for a walk at Buhl Park.  Somehow, when we were putting the leashes on the pups, for some reason, somehow, Bella got loose.  This is the third time she has gotten away from us.  We did catch her.  She needs to learn two words.  STOP and SIT.  I'm …

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RV Christmas in September

Did some shopping on Amazon.  We decided to break up the monotony by doing some RV shopping.  Some things we need to buy will have to wait for us to get our 5th Wheel home.  But there are some things we will be needing that can be purchased now.  Below are some of the things …

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