OH NO! What did they say? A little glitch in our plans.

We got a call from our Sales Rep Dave at the Montrose GMC dealership.  Our 2020 GMC 3500 Dually Diesel Truck is heading to the assembly line but won’t be built for six to eight weeks.  Say what?  Heading to the assembly line.  Sounds promising.  Then he said six to eight weeks.  Did I hear right?  Is it on the slow boat to China?

That will take us to the end of October, beginning of November.  Six weeks takes us to October 24th.  Eight weeks takes us to November 7.  We need to be in Florida on December 1 because we have reservations and we paid in advance.

When we ordered the truck back on July 26th, we were told six to eight weeks.  When the phone rang this morning, we thought maybe they were calling us to tell us the truck was in and we could pick it up.  It feels like we are starting all over again.

Hubby is sad.  I’m fine with it.  We should get our Grand Design 5th Wheel at the beginning of October.  I will have a good three weeks to play with it.  I can set up Dish Network TV and the Internet.  Although I’m retired, I need a work area where I can work on my blog, my YouTube channel and everything else I do with my computers and camera equipment.  You know, things that are important to me.

So as we sit in our little temporary home, our Trailer on Paul Street with our three sweet puppies and wait for our Big RV and Big Truck to come in, we can only dream and plan.  AND HOPE IT DOES NOT SNOW BEFORE WE HIT THE ROAD!





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