What have we been doing?

All we’ve been doing is pretty much waiting.  Waiting for the 5th wheel to be built.  Waiting for the truck to be built.  I’ve been researching stuff.  We still need to find an RV park/resort to stay at for the months of January & February.

Due to moving out of the old homestead and moving into our new temporary home, I seem to have done something to my back.  So back to Dr. Joe and my niece and favorite PTA Lindsay.  I can only walk at a snail’s pace.

I’m buying things I need for the RV.  Small stuff such as King Size sheets and blankets.  We have a queen size bed now and we are upgrading to a King.  More room for Hubby, BooBoo, Bella, Benji and I.

OH, I almost forgot.  I ordered a small garbage container that I saw on FaceBook.  It fits on a cabinet drawer under the sink.  I got it for the 5th wheel.  It took a few weeks for delivery because I didn’t know this but it was coming from China.  The hubby had to sign for the package.  We laughed because he had to sign for a garbage container.  I have to admit, it will come in handy.

Organizing what is going with us and what is staying and what is going in the trash.  I offer the stuff to family and friends first, then it goes in the trash.  A word of wise to all family and friends.  Downsize.  You do not need all of the crap you buy.  I could be a millionaire if I took this advice 10 or more years ago.

We’ve been having a lot of storms with loud thunder almost daily.  Poor Bella and Benji get scared.  BooBoo could care less.  The pups are getting used to the trailer (our temporary home) and we’ve been able to leave them alone for short periods of time.  This past Wednesday, we met friends for dinner and yesterday we did some running around and they were just fine.

Sorry I have not posted much in the past week or so, but there isn’t much to say.


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