Had another garage sale and Storage Unit in the belly of the 5th wheel.

Yesterday and today, we had another garage sale.  By the end of today, after two exhausting days, we put “FREE” signs on the tables and left the stuff in the front yard.  I don’t ever want to see that JUNK again.  One lady backed her SUV into the driveway and loaded up.  I was thinking to myself, take more, take more.  As they say, some peoples junk is some peoples treasures.  We left a bunch of our “stuff/junk” out on tables and covered the tables with tarps overnight last night.  I was hoping someone would steal the stuff,  No such luck.

When I was looking at all of the stuff we priced and put on tables to sell, it was an overwhelming feeling.  How could we have accumulated so much unnecessary stuff?

Changing the subject from the garage sale to the 5th wheel storage area, below are the dimensions of the storage area.  We need to see how many storage tubs we can take with us.  Greg O, our salesman forgot to tell us how high the storage unit is.  Hopefully, he will reply to my email soon.

We have to watch weight, therefore, we can’t take unnecessary stuff.

We should go out to our sunroom and using tape, we should tape off the dimensions of the storage unit and then place the tubs we are taking with us in that area.  If we do this, I will for sure post about it and show pictures.  We will need the height dimension before we do this.



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