Temporary Home, Preparing for living in Small Spaces.

Maybe this temporary home is good for us.  Maybe we need to live in a small space to get us ready for living in a 400 square feet 5th Wheel.

Our temporary home is a 3 bedroom trailer that we are remodeling.  We needed to remodel it so we can live in it.

We had the outside painted.

Outside Decks.

There are two decks on the outside of the trailer.  One deck, we currently have secured for the puppies.  This deck is one the side of the trailer.  The other deck is on the back of the trailer.

New Floors and Paint on the inside.  The kitchen will have a new countertop, sink, and faucet.  This kitchen will be larger than the one in the 5th wheel we will be living in.

The Master Bedroom.

The master bedroom is small but a little larger then the one we will be sleeping in when we get our 5th wheel.  We currently have a Queen size bed.  Our 5th wheel will have a King size bed.  More room for the five of us.  Me, Roy, BooBoo, Bella, and Benji.

The living room.

This room is larger than the one in the 5th wheel.  The 5th Wheel kitchen and living room will be combined.



The main bathroom is small.  The upside of having a small bathroom, (ladies) you can sit on the toilet while shaving your legs in the tub.  I would imagine this bathroom will be a bit smaller than the one in the 5th Wheel.


My Office/Dressing Room/Bathroom in the trailer.

I’m in the middle of cleaning up this room.  This room will be a combination of my office, my dressing room, and my bathroom.  The bathroom only has a toilet and sink.  This is where I will keep my hairdryer, straightening iron, makeup and other items needed for me to get ready after my shower.  Right now, the Office/Dressing Room it is cluttered with bins and boxes of items that need to be put away.



Laundry Room.

I do have a very small laundry room.  Currently, the washing machine is in the laundry room.  The dryer is one back porch and will be placed next to the washer when that room is completed.


We have a room we will call the Den.  This room is very much under construction so I won’t be posting a picture until it is completed.  This room will have a couch, chair, and a wall-mounted TV.

Our temporary home is comfortable.  We now live in the city so we hear noises we never heard on the old homestead.  On the plus side, we don’t have to drive the garbage container up to the top of the drive weekly, which is a good 800 feet.  Our mailbox is a short walk to the road.  We have a grocery store and drug store within walking distance.  And my sister lives right across the street.  Heck, there is even an ice cream truck that musically drives by the house daily.




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