A Small Setback!

We tried to order our 2020 GMC Diesel, Dually, 4 Wheel Drive Denali Sierra HD truck and found out that it is not available with the Dually feature, which we absolutely need so we need to wait to order it.  No one, not even the rep at GMC can tell us when it will be available for order.  Hubby is disappointed but we need to wait.  This is out of our control.

As for the ordering of the 5th Wheel, we are getting pricing from three RV dealers.  Stay tuned for more info in a future blog post.

I told my sister, we got good news today and bad news today.  The good news is for my sister and nieces.  We will be living across the street from my sister for a longer period of time.  Bad news for my hubby is we can’t order the truck yet.

Today was the first time in months we went out without the puppies.  My sister Gerri came over to puppy sit.  It went well.  Thanks, Gerri, for puppy sitting.


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