Will it FIT? Or won’t it?

I have to do it myself.  Can’t depend on the manufacturer to give me a correct answer.

Therefore, sister Gerri and niece Lindsay and I decide to get it done and get it done right because we are getting it done ourselves.  We took a road trip to North Canton to the General RV Store so we can measure the entrance door ourselves.

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 7.25.50 PM

Although we had our heart set on a Grand Design, we needed to make sure our GoldWing and SideCar would fit in the garage.  We were quite sure the GoldWind/Sidecar unit would fit in the garage, but the big question is, will the entry door be wide enough to get it in the garage?

Our Wing and sidecar measures 81 and 1/2 wide.


We measured and measured and measured.  With the three season door, the entrance was 80 inches. OOPs, this is not good.

Our Sales Rep, Greg O. found a solution.  The doors of the Three Season Door can be removed to give us another 3 inches on each side.


Sister was impressed by how much room was in the shower.

I’m working on a YouTube video that I will post in the next few days about our Road Trip to General RV and lunch at The Mustard Seed Market and Cafe.

Mimosas to Celebrate.



And a Great Vegan Lunch.


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