Talk About Feeling Homeless

For those of you that do not read daily, let me catch you up on what’s been happening.

  • Sold home in 3 days to the second people that looked at it
  • Had to be out in 30 days
  • Sold all big items.  We sold our Truck, our John Deere Front Loader Tractor, our commercial Zero Turn mower, our Arctic Cat TRV 1000, our motorcycle cargo trailer, our utility trailer, our sporty convertible car.
  • We had 3 dumpsters. The first one was an 8 ton, then a 6 ton then a 4 ton.
  • At the beginning of my packing process, I was very organized.  Labeled each box.  Have 2 storage units, tools and garage stuff in one and house stuff in the other.  During the last week, it was “just pack it up and get it out”.  So husband asks where something is and I have to tell him that I do not know.
  • Sister and I own a trailer right across the street from her.  This will be my temporary home.  But it needs to be remodeled.  Our handyman is a perfectionist so it is taking longer than expected.  Therefore, we needed a place to live until we could at least get into a room or two in the trailer.  The trailer has a garage and a long sunroom under a roof so furniture and “stuff we need in the trailer” is in boxes and resin tubs in that room.
  • We rented a 33 ft camper from RVShare and stayed in it for 11 nights.  Had to be out of the camper yesterday evening.  Here we go again, had to get everything out.
  • Trailer remodel is going slow.  We were able to get one room ready for us.  It was either this one room or the street.  If it were just my husband and me,  we could go anywhere but we have three puppies.
  • Husband, BooBoo, Bella, Benji and I confined to a bedroom and bathroom until Adam gets more of the remodeling done.


Our cozy bed is put back together and we had a comfortable night.


The TV is so big we feel like we are at the theatre.

My husband said he feels like we are staying in a hotel.  Not the Hampton, but maybe a Best Western.   My sister said Motel 6 and she will even leave the light on for us.

Good Bless

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