Holy Address Changes! And a few updates!

I changed the address for USPS online.  Easy Peasy.  I changed our driver’s licenses online.  Easy Peasy.  My voter’s registration was changed when I changed my driver’s license.  Easy Peasy.  I’m glad most of the things I need to change can be changed online.  I need to change our banking, our credit cards, our registrations, medical and so much more.  Stuff pops into my head daily of what needs to be changed.  I do not have to do it overnight.  A little each day.  The reason I have to make these changes online is 95% of accounts I have are set for electric delivery.  I do not receive “SNAIL MAIL” much anymore.  This will help tremendously when we set out on our adventure.

UPDATE on the GMC Sierra HD

We’ve checked with several of the GMC dealerships in the area.  One Dealer said the new 2020 trucks can be ordered mid-July for mid-October delivery.  One Dealer said 2 months, end of summer for delivery time.  One Dealer said “come on in and we will order it now for 16 week delivery time.  So I went straight to the big dog.  I want to the GMC website.  I chatted with a professional who told me I can order one today and delivery would be in 6 to 8 weeks.  He then said he would contact our local dealer and have our local dealer contact us to start the order process.

UPDATE on the 5th Wheel

I finally got someone to help me at Grand Design.  Emily Stahley – Director of Social Media.  Our issue is we have the Goldwing with sidecar and it has to fit in our garage.  If the garage door is not wide enough, we are screwed.

So, if the Grand Design has a garage that is wide enough to fit our Wing/SideCar, I have decided on the 381M.

What I like about the Momentum 381M:

  • The 15 ft garage.
  • The Second Bathroom allows the TV/Fireplace to be situated as to be able to watch tv without getting a neckache.
  • Our other option was a 397 which offered another patio on the side of the RV.  We do not need that option.





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