Doing NOTHING and enjoying it. Real grass for BooBoo, Bella, and Benji!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I took a nap today.  What a great feeling to just take a nap.  I can’t remember ever taking an afternoon nap.  I retired from my job on March 31 and started to get our home/property ready to sell.  Every day was work, work, work. We listed the house and to our surprise, it sold right away.  They wanted us out in 30 days because they were living in a bed and breakfast paying a ton of money weekly.  The whole month of June was filled with packing, moving, and just getting the house in perfect condition to turn it over to the new owners.  Yes, some strange people are living in my home.  Well, not my home any longer.


And real grass for the furbabies.  We made a small fenced-in play area for the pups and I’m not sure they like it.  Bella stands in one place like she is afraid to step on the grass.  Benji, just like a boy likes to pee outside.  Lifts his leg on every piece of fence and then does the Benji strut.  BooBoo, the spoiled one, cries to be held.  My fault because I spoiled him.  I spoil the others but they are not as needy as BooBoo.

Tomorrow, we will be going to GMC dealerships and talk about ordering our 2020 GMC 3500 Diesel 4-Wheel Drive extended cab Sierra Denali.

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