Morning Tea with Sista

This year, 2019 for me is a year of waiting.  I waited to retire.  I waited to sell the house.  I’m waiting for the trailer that will be our temporary home to be remodeled.  Due to the hubby wanting a 2020 GMC 3500 truck, we have to order it and wait for it.  Due to our wanting full body paint on the 5th Wheel, we have to order it and wait for it.

I feel I was blessed with patience.  If my mother was still alive she would whole-heartedly disagree with that statement.  If my mother was still alive, she would be so proud of me.

The bright side of all of this waiting is I will be living right across the street from my sister.  Her job allows her to have summers off.  It’s so nice to walk across the street in the morning and have a cup of tea with my sister, my best friend.  I get to see my nieces more.  So this 3 to 4-month wait is kinda cool.  Makes my wait much more enjoyable.

Today is Wednesday and we are getting the trailer pressure washed and prepared for the painter.  The trailer will be painted light charcoal with cream color trim.  Below is the picture we gave the painter just to give you an idea of what colors we are painting the trailer.  Note:  The trailer does not look like the picture below.


So as I wait for this and wait for that, I am grateful that I live across the street from my sister.   I’m grateful for my husband and puppies.  I’m grateful for my nieces and Larry.  I am grateful for all of my family and friends.

I’m grateful that I have things to wait for.

God Bless



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