New People Living in My Home!


Never in my wildest dream did I think my house would sell in three days and new people would be living in my home 30 days later.  Today, we closed on our home and now begins the fun.

We have to buy our 5th Wheel and our 3500 GMC Truck.  What I don’t understand is we have contacted dealers and it’s like they could care less if they make the sale or not.  They don’t answer your questions, they don’t reply to emails.

I want to thank my realtor for the great job she did.


Our temporary home is a 31 ft rented Travel Trailer.  We will be camping in the yard until our other temporary home is remodeled.


I almost forgot to tell you, we had some excitement this morning.  Our little sweet Bella jumped out of the camper and took off with me running after her.  We were about to leave to the closing and I’m chasing a very quick pup.  I’m screaming at the top of my lungs, “Bella.. STOP”.  And she did not stop.  Thanks to someone hearing me yelling and came out of a garage and helped me catch her.  Thanks random guy that saved my little Bella and enabled me to get to the closing on time.  God put you there for a reason.

Stay tuned for more exciting posts.

God Bless




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