Big Change Coming for Our Fur Babies

Camper – Trailer – 5th Wheel….  OH MY!

House is sold and the interim plan is we will be spending a week in a rented camper (starting Friday night) and then moving into our three-bedroom trailer on/around July 5th.

The camper is being delivered tonight and will get set up in the yard next to the three-bedroom trailer that will be our physical address.  The reason for the rented camper is we are doing a complete remodel on the three-bedroom trailer as it is a home my sister & I own and we need to have a place to temporarily live and sleep until we can get into our remodeled trailer.

When we bought the trailer a family was renting it and they completely moved out last night.  The renters had 2 cats and a turtle.  My sister and I are allergic to cats.  Tne turtle was still there last night when my sister checked on their progress of the renters moving their stuff out.  I sure hope they took the turtle.  This was not just some small turtle in a turtle container.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 8.22.38 AM

This turtle was huge and in something like a 50 gal fish tank.

My hubby has not seen the inside of the trailer yet.  Adam, our home construction guy who will be doing the remodel told my husband to stay out until Adam says it is okay to go in.  It will be nice when Adam is finished.  It is horrid now.  Sad but true.

We have to order our 5th Wheel and Dually Diesel GMC 3500 truck and because we want the year 2020, we won’t be able to order our truck until mid-July for mid-October delivery.

So, for the next three months, we will live in the three-bedroom remodeled trailer and it will be our home.  I truly believe our pups will be fine as long as they are with us.  They will adjust.  I think this will be a huge adjustment for them.  It will be an adjustment for hubby and me.


I’d love to hear your comments.  Keep following me to find out what is next in our lives.


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