Snakes on a Plane. Not exactly.

Snake in my laundry room.  Exactly.  I want to thank a very good friend, Dave for helping out doing some work in my laundry room.  While Dave had the door open, unbeknownst to him, a 5 ft black snake slithered into the laundry room.

Now the excitement begins.  Hubby wants to get his gun.  I’m there, like what are you doing to do with a gun. in the laundry room?  I think it was just a pellet gun but still.  Yea, that’s right!!!  Piss off the snake.  That’s a grand idea.

Snake must not have liked being in the laundry room so snake slithered back out.

Dave and Hubby both got shovels and now the snake is history, but the laughs are still going on.



  • 10 days until we vacate the house
  • Movers will come June 28th
  • Closing date is July 2.  Walk through July 1
  • Renters in my sister and my trailer to vacate on Monday, June 24th
  • We rented a camper to live in for 8 nights.  Camper will be delivered on June 26th
  • Talking to a sales rep at Lazy Days about ordering our 2020 Grand Design 5Th Wheel Toy Hauler



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