Does Anyone Do Their Jobs Nowadays!

I need to vent about AFLAC. When I retired, I notified AFLAC that I was keeping my policies. It took them a while but they sent me the necessary documents. I had to pay for three months in advance so my policies do not lapse. I paid by check and the check was cashed in April. I’ve been waiting for the paperwork so I can have auto-deduction for future payments. I emailed Roy’s paperwork for reimbursement for his surgery last week and I got a denial saying my policies are not active. Why can’t people do their jobs and do them right?  I do what I am supposed to do. Right after I received the denial letter this afternoon I sent all of the documentation to my rep and copied the department at AFLAC that denied my claim.  Now is the waiting game and I don’t have time for this.  Done with Vent!

Today, I got a plain baked potato from Wendy’s.  Through the Drive-thru.  Opened the bag and guess what?  No plastic fork or spoon in the bag.  I did get my bbq sauce.  I guess they thought I was going to eat it with my fingers.  Done with Vent!

Now let’s talk about the rain that seems like it does not want to stop.  I’ve never seen so much standing water in the yard.  The weather reporters on TV said this is the rainiest June.  It’s depressing.

Tonight my BooBoo was making a crying sound and we thought something was wrong.  Sure something was wrong.  His sister Bella was laying on his toy ball and he wanted it.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

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