I’m pooped and we still have 15 days to go not counting today.

im pooped


It is raining.  It’s been raining.  It will keep raining.  It is depressing to me.  I’m also worried if this rain keeps up for as many days as predicted, we might not be able to do the yard work we want or need to do.  The ground is soaked and saturated.



The creek is a little high but that is expected when it rains as much as it has been raining.


Packing up!

I have a plan.  Most of everything is cleared out of the upstairs except for what I am using.  Everything will end up downstairs in one area.  Then it will end up in the storage unit.  I have to get rooms cleaned out and up until today, I would work in one room for a while, then go to another room.  It looks like I am not making progress doing it this way.

Lindsay and David came out to help today.  I have stuff packed that will need to go into storage and they did a tremendous job.  I think it was about 4 trips to the storage unit so there are a lot of containers, boxes, and furniture GONE!  Thank you Lindsay & David!



Tonight we had a scare.  Tornados touched down close.  When the alert sounded both on TV and our cell phones, all I could think was “we have way too many trees in our yard and the house closing is in 2 weeks”.  I would not even have the energy to clean up the yard if we did have wind damage.  And praise the lord we didn’t lose our electricity like many did in the surrounding area.

My sister’s property had some damage.

sister trees down

God Bless

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