Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here

Today is Saturday, June 15th.  Seventeen more days to vacate and I have a crew coming today to help pack and to get stuff out of the house.

Things are happening.  We sold the Solstice.  We won’t miss it.  In Pennsylvania, we could only drive it during the summer months.  Every time we thought we were going to take it for a ride we would look at the weather and there was a chance of rain.  Once we vacate the house there would not be any place to store it.


Martha (Roy’s sister) will come here to get the following furniture.


Larry is taking she shed and workbench.

Larry & Bill are buying the Hustler mower and John Deere tractor.  They can’t take these until after closing on July 2nd.

Brian (Roy’s son) is taking the Gun cabinet and log splitter to NC.  We are giving it to Jason (Roy’s son).  We gave Brian a bunch of stuff and we gave our Justin (grandson) tool boxes and Nathan (grandson) a riffle.

We will pack stuff up and get it to the storage unit.  Thanks to my sister Gerri, her husband Larry, Bill and Mary and Audrey.  They are all coming out today to help.

And a whole lot of stuff going in the Mc Junk It.




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