Dumpsters, Moving Companies, Storage Units, OH MY!

Tomorrow morning I will start to do my research and start making phone calls.  I already have my storage unit.  Halfway between our current home and our temporary home are newer Self-storage units and I rented one for 6 months.  I will be making daily trips to Hillside Storage.  Ron, the owner is very nice.  I’m glad to shop local.

We need a dumpster because we have junk.  Brother-in-law Scott did us a favor and he took a bunch of stuff.  Junk hoarding runs in my husband’s family.  We all have a little hoarding in us.  Tell me you don’t!

The next phone call I will make is to a moving company.  I’m thinking I will reserve a moving company for June 30th.  This moving company is just for the furniture we are taking to our trailer.  Two bedroom sets, a living room set and a few other odds and ends.  Not sure if I want the moving company to move our BIG TVs.


This is our large TV downstairs in hubby’s mancave.  And guess what we are watching on our big TV.  KYD.  Keep Your Daydream.  This is a family that is doing what we want to do and guess what.  This YouTube video we are watching has almost the same 5th Wheel that we want to get.  Take a look…  KYD .  Hopefully, this will be us in about 3 to 4 months.  And yes, our 5th wheel will be that BIG…

God Bless

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