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Who knew?  We had an open house yesterday and who knew we would get an acceptable offer.  Three days after it was listed.  We wanted the first showing to be an open house but we let a couple with a family come in early to see the house.  On Sunday, we had an open house.  A retired couple came to the open house and put in an offer.

Now the fun begins.  Inspection Friday, Septic Inspection Saturday.  House should pass inspection.  But who knows?  House is 30 some years old.

Now the fun begins. If all goes well, we need to vacate the house by end of day July 1.  I got a storage unit for miscellaneous stuff we need to get completely out of the house.  I’ll be checking into “PODs” for the furniture.  I read where they can move us, store the furniture and finish the move when we are ready.

We do have somewhere to go.  Well, kinda.  My sister and I own a trailer right across the street from her.  I wrote about the trailer in a previous post.

The good, bad and ugly with the trailer:

Good:  We have a place to live with three puppies

Bad:  Renters now live in the trailer.  They were supposed to vacate on May 31, but circumstance beyond their control caused them to ask us if they could stay another month.  We said yes because I never thought the house would sell this quickly.

Ugly:  The trailer is ugly so we need to renovate it.

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The outside of the trailer will be painted.  We picked a charcoal gray with creme trim and we have a painter.  We will tear out the carpet and have Luxury Vinyl installed.  We will have the inside painted.  Shout out to Adam Kahl.  He is our home construction worker that will do all of the inside work.

My problem.  I have to be out of my home by July 1st and the trailer won’t be habitable until around July 15.  So what will we do?  I have an idea…  Oh my.

If I rent this camper for 20 days, I can get it for $50 a day.  We will park it in the yard of the property and live in it until the trailer is ready.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 4.48.00 PM

If the sale of the house falls through for some reason, the trailer will still be painted and we will still renovate the inside of the trailer.  We just won’t have to have it done in a rushed time frame.

More to come.  Keep reading.

God Bless!


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