SideCar& Shichons

We are taking each pup individually for a ride in the sidecar to get them accustomed to riding.  BooBoo enjoyed the ride.  He was constantly looking out.  I have doggles on order and his next ride, he will be sporting some fine looking doggles.  We have a windshield so I was not worried about him getting a stone in his eye.  Our SideCar has a roof also which we will use when I am not riding with them.  I think it will make them feel more secure.

Benji, not so much.  Benji pretty much clung on to me the whole ride.  Wait till he gets his doggles.  Maybe I should let them wear them inside the house for a while each day so they can get used to them.

Roy’s surgery put a halt to our riding so Bella has to wait until Roy can drive us around.


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