Big Day – Contract with Realtor Day

We worked so hard to get to this day.  Yard work, inside work, pool work.  Work, Work, Work, and more work.  I want to give a shout out to my sister and her husband for their help.  We didn’t have to ask, they were there ready to work with us.  So many times I thought to myself “Glad Larry is here!”


Yes, I am smiling.  Maybe it is delirium.  But all contract papers are signed and we are ready to go.  Shout out to Heather, my realtor.  I warned her in advance that I am needy.  The house should be listed by Thursday morning.  YAY.   The photographer came out and took pictures.  Got some good drone pictures of the property.

signing papers

The thingy is on the door for Multi-listing realtors.  It will be weird having strange people walking through the house.  It will be a chore getting everything ready for the open house on Sunday.  We have three Shichon puppies.  We have gates and puppy food bowls and puppy beds and a whole bunch of stuff that needs to be picked up.  Then we have to leave the property with our three Shichons.  Look how innocent they look.

Signs are up.   The weather is bad and the experts on TV are saying the atmosphere is prime for bad weather.  They are calling for storms and a tornado watch is on the TV for our area, so hubby and I are going to kick up our feet and watch our favorite Full-time RVing YouTubers on our big TV in the man cave.    We deserve a break today.


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