Answers to Questions May 3, 2019

I’ve created a page for any of my family, friends or followers that would like to ask me a question.  For each question that is asked, I will blog about the question and answer.  Feel free to ask any question you may have and I will try my best to answer the question to the best of my ability.  So feel free ask away!

Below are three questions I received in the past few days.  

Question:  Will you drive the 5th wheel?

Answer:  I will learn to drive the 5th wheel even though hubby will be the primary driver.  I do think I need to be able to drive it, park it, back it in, etc.

Question:  What is your timeline and where will you go first?

Answer:  The timeline depends on when the house sells.  Where we go first also depends on when the house sells.  Keep watching my blog and as soon as the house sells, I will be able to answer this question.

Question:  You will be with your hubby 24/7.  Will you want to shoot him after a month?

Answer:  Very Funny.  Hubby and I are best friends and we get along great as long as he does everything I say.  Just kidding.  We like to do the same things and we will have duties.  He will take care of the outside and I will handle everything on the inside.  We plan on being active, sightseeing, walking the puppies and just keeping busy.  We like watching the same things on TV.  



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