Another Nice Day and Benji’s turn

Yesterday, we took BooBoo for his ride in the SideCar.  Today was Benji’s turn.  Today started out chilly and wet, but by this afternoon, it was another perfect day for a ride on the Wing and in the SideCar.  Yesterday on BooBoo’s turn, he was excited during the whole ride.  BooBoo would hop around, tail wagging in excitement, from one side of the seat to the other side of the seat trying to get the best view out the side of the SideCar or the front window.

Benji, on the other hand, clung onto me and snuggled in for the whole ride.  Benji didn’t care to look out, no wagging tail, not excited at all.  Actually, just the opposite.  Never left my lap.

Below, Benji waiting patiently while I gathered my stuff, locked the house and made my way to the SideCar.

Our ride today took us to the borough of Slippery Rock, PA.  Slippery Rock is a borough in Butler County, Pennsylvania, United States.  Legend has it that the borough of Slippery Rock got its name from a group of colonial soldiers who were being pursued by Seneca Native Americans. The soldiers came upon a creek and were able to cross because they wore heavy boots. The Native Americans, wearing moccasins, slipped on the rocks in the creek bed.  A few years back, my office was located in the old bank building that was the headquarters for the First National Bank of Slippery Rock.  The building has since been torn down.

I had two cameras mounted for this ride.  The GoPro was mounted on the trunk of the SideCar while the Sony X3000 was mounted on the floor on the inside the SideCar.

Back home Benji was happy as can be to be back in the arms of his daddy.  Tomorrow is calling for rain so Bella will have to wait for the next nice day for her ride.

Still working on the video so stay tuned.


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