Let’s Wash Up The Wing/SideCar

It was in the 80s today and that means we can finally go for a ride.  But not before washing the Wing and SideCar.  It was a long winter and today was just perfect to head out for a spin with BooBoo.  Last year, we took all three of our pups for a ride at the same time and it was complete turmoil.  This year, I decided that instead of taking all three pups for a ride in the sidecar we should take one at a time.  I picked BooBoo.  We need to get them accustomed to riding in the sidecar and if I take one at a time, I can comfort them and make them feel comfortable.

When we hit the road we will do all of our sightseeing from the Wing and Sidecar and since the five of us will sightsee together, the pups need to feel comfortable riding in the sidecar.

This is BooBoo and he is enjoying his ride.


I will be working on a video during the next few days so stay tuned.  


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