Answers to Questions May 1, 2019

A few days ago, I posted on FaceBook that I was adding a page to this site telling friends, family & followers that if anyone has a question, to go to my QUESTIONS page and complete the form and ask questions.  WOW, I got several questions and I will answer three of them today.

Question:  Your property is beautiful.  Why would you want to leave it?

Answer:  Hubby and I are both retired.  Now that we are both on a fixed income we have two option.  (1) To sit on our deck and look at our property only during the months where the weather is conducive to sitting outside.  In Western PA, we have (in my opinion) two seasons.  Cold and Snowy or Warm and Rainy.  We are delighted to see the sunshine when it does shine. Keeping the home means keeping the upkeep.  Raking leaves, cleaning leaves out of our gutters.  Cutting 8 acres of grass.  Maintaining flower gardens.  Pulling weeds.  Picking up sticks from the high winds.  Keeping up the upkeep on the home, inside and out.  As we get older, this work is harder to maintain.  Work, Work, Work!  (2) Or we can enjoy our retirement by selling everything to travel the United States.  There is so much to do and see.  We’ve traveled in the past but I always had to get back home to return to work.  So we glanced at this and glanced at that never being able to relax and soak it all in.

Question: What about your puppies?  Won’t they hold you back when you want to do things?

Answer:  Our puppies are very important to us.  I’ve been researching and there are many things we can do with our puppies.  We added a sidecar to our GoldWing just for the puppies.  Our puppies will keep us in check.  If the puppies are not welcome or not permitted, we most likely wouldn’t want to do it anyway.  We would never take them out of the RV unleashed.  We wouldn’t do it here at our home.  We have a stroller for them.  We will take plenty of walkies.  We have puppy backpacks.  My main concern is grooming them.  We love our groomer here at home.  I don’t know if I could trust a stranger to groom them.  

Question:  This question was directed just for me.  Won’t you miss your sister and nieces?

Answer:  Of course I will.   We will travel for 5 months and then come home for a month, then travel 5 months again and come home again for a month.  It is not like we are leaving to never return.  I am going to invest in FaceBook portal so we can connect all of the time.  

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