It’s Getting Real!

It’s getting real.

So glad we have a realtor in the family.  Heather came out to our home to help value our home/property.  We will contract with Heather in a few weeks to sell the property.

Our puppies are such good puppies and they listen to us.  No one would believe how well behaved they actually are because they act like idiots around guests.  Because we never get guests at our home, they are, let me say, uncontrollable when strangers do happen to come for a visit.

So Hubby decided to take them for a ride in the truck so I could talk to Heather and show her the house and property without our three lovelies (BooBoo, Bella & Benji) turning into maniacs.

After getting them settled in Hubby’s truck, they were on their way for an hour long adventure.  Hubby took them to McDonald’s for a hamburger.



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