YouTube – New Video – Good Info

My YouTube channel is slow-going but yesterday, I posted a video that talked about my dream but more importantly, it highlighted all of the RV YouTubers that I am subscribed to.  I am subscribed to over 100 RV YouTubers.  The highlight of my day is when the hubby and I sit down to watch TV and instead of turning on Direct TV, we turn on YouTube on our large screen 4 K TV downstairs in the family room.  Around 9 pm, we retreat to our bedroom where we finish the evening watching YouTube videos in our bedroom, again on our large TV in the bedroom.

As mentioned above, my channel is slow-going because I am in the learning phase of creating really good videos.  Another reason for the slow-going is I don’t have much to show you right now.  Hopefully, by the time we are ready to hit the road, I will have perfected both my camera’s picture taking and my video editing program.  So take a few minutes to watch my video below.  Subscribe, ring the bell and comment.


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