April 13th at 8 a.m. What the heck!

Today is the first day of trout.  Since our home is nestled on the banks of the Neshannock Creek, we would expect the banks to be full of fishermen.  Years ago, at 8 am sharp. when I looked out into my back yard, I would see man and women on the banks with their tackle boxes full of hooks, lines, and sinkers.  Normally, anglers wearing their waders would plunge into the Neshannock creek in hopes of catching a prized trout. Not this year!

This year, even though the sun is shining bright and the water level is just perfect, the banks are empty.  Where are all of the fishermen?

Today the sun is shining today and the weather is perfect for this sport.  How many years past did I wake up to rain, snow, and cold?


In March, the PA Fish Commission stocked the waters of Neshannock Creek. The Neshannock Creek Fly Shop also stocks the “Lunker” Trout.


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