All Kinds of Cuteness!

In the SUV coming home from the groomer, BooBoo, Benji, and Bella are showing off their cuteness.  A big shout out to Chelsey at Dawgie Stylz By Chelsey.  She does an awesome job on our pups.


What will happen when we go on the road?  We groom every 5 weeks.  We do not want to use the big box stores for grooming.  I am told the big box stores use cage dryers and they are not safe for our furbabies.    I have to do a lot of research and find a groomer that will allow us to stay in the facility and watch.

They are getting much better at riding in the car.  They need to get used to riding because when we go full-time RVing, they will be riding often.

At home, they are very much lap puppies.  They are good puppies.  They play hard, they nap hard and they cuddle with each other as well as with us. We are a family of five.



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