Done – Office, Bedroom or Dressing Room

I didn’t get the “before” picture. This picture was taken during the cleaning.


The picture below is after.  Office, Bedroom or Dressing Room.  This room is on the lower level of our home.  It can be an Office, Bedroom, Dressing Room or even a playroom for kids.   I currently use it as a dressing room.

I have so much to do yet in order to meet my deadline for putting the house up for sale, but I am making progress and I feel rather good about it.

I wish I could twitch my nose and be in my RV.  But since I am not Samantha in the very old sitcom Bewitched, I have to get the house/yard ready to sell.  I have to sell the house/property, buy my RV/Truck and this all takes time and a lot of effort.  But I’m retired.  I can do this.  I have time now.  Yes, I can do this.


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